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The Most Expensive Condos in the USA

August 25, 2017

The rivalry in the most luxurious condominium in the U.S is real. There are so many recent developments that continue to find ways to attract wealthy people who like to live in full lavishness, style, and comfort. Some condominiums would give a little bit of an extra just to stay ahead of the game.

Here are our picks for the most expensive condominiums in the U.S. in major cities. Aside from the price; we also consider their sophisticated amenities, architectural designs, and elite lifestyle in choosing the best among the rest.

One Dalton (Four Seasons Private Residences)/Carpenter & Company

At present, the tallest residential building in Boston is The Millennium Tower. That will change by the year 2018, when One Dalton is expected to finish. The price is too heavy, as expected. But if you love golf, then an indoor golf simulator can just make the price justifiable for you. Penthouse price is at $35 million, unit price at $2 million.

Vista Tower/ Magellan Development Group

Chicago’s going upscale in residential units is punctuated by the development of Vista Tower.  It is the tallest luxury residential building the city, the third-tallest tower in the city overall. The views from inside the building are spectacular, and it takes pride for having hotel-like amenities such as wine storage and valet services. Penthouse price is at $17.1 million, unit price $1 million and up.

Waiea Tower/Ward Village

You can still say “Aloha” while on top of this luxurious building. The building’s height is already unique since Hawaii is not really known for high-rise residences. It is the most expensive high-rise residences in the entire island state. It is a certified LEED building and consists of many amenities like a ground-level parking and a shopping village. Penthouse price is at $36 million, unit price at $3.9 million.


There are already luxury condos in LA such as the Four Seasons Residences Los Angeles and Ten Thousand Los Angeles. But this changed last year when TEN50 was opened. It houses most of the amenities developed by the two aforementioned luxury buildings but they built an unusual extra feature: a drone landing pad where residents can wait for their amazon deliveries. Penthouse price is at $4 million, unit price starting at $500,000.